soft kitty …reloaded

patronustrip: Soft Kitty Lion!Quinn version 🙂 If you don’t follow The Big Bang Theory go here and purr, purr, purr Advertisements

photography art

By Christian Hopkins, this very talented young photographer uses his photography as a true artistic outlet to help with his depression. The whole set of images are just stunning and really draw you… Continue reading


your-kat: lostinmclean: diannaagronjapan: in Morocco:)) -May 10- NUMBER ONE: SNAKES ARE NOT OKAY ON MY DASH NUMBER TWO: I see you Baby Streep. Is it weird that I see theese photos and all… Continue reading

I’ve found my otp

You firmly believe that Lauren Zizes is meant for Quinn Fabray, and they’re both the lights of your life. Whether you were aware of this match before this moment, you have truly found your OTP. Congrats!… Continue reading



oh, the lovly heart drawn on on the window. only xena and gabrielle could get more subtexty than this!

motion comic work in progress

experimenting with motion comic right now. Kind of cool, I have to say 🙂


throwsomedeeonit: captainnaustralia: lovesaragee: edgar-allan-poeno: tofeelthefireinside: jonnegri: akosiallen: EVOLUTION OF MUSIC by Pentatonix 11th CenturySalve Regina  1600sCanon in D – Pachelbel 1800sSymphony No. 5 – Beethoven 1910sDanny Boy – Frederic Weatherly  1920sOld Man River… Continue reading

pizza time


alltherattlesnakes: Story boarding with Glee: Music, plot, and character involved are all important.