Claimed, new D/s fic coming, sub!Quinn and dom!Rachel

Right now I’m working on a new fanfic. It will be called Claimed and it will feature sub!Quinn and dom!Rachel in a world where D/s relationship are the norm.  There will be Santana and… Continue reading

Faberry fanfic

Posted a new fanfic. dom!Quinn, sub!Rachel

The Concert: faberry, dom!Quinn, sub!Rachel

New fanfiction online: The Concert. This one deals with D/s so, if you’re not into this kind of things do not read, but if you like to see how Quinn handles a Rachel… Continue reading

Chatpeter 4 and 5 are up online

When I started to write this fic I didn’t know exactly where it was headed but as I’m writing it things get clearer and clearer. So, since things are changing as they go,… Continue reading

Chapter 3 is up

Chapter 3 White Walls, is online. This is a very short chapter introducing Rachel. I had to write this soon (although I didn’t plan on talking about Rachel for another while) because I… Continue reading

Chapter 2 up!

Second chapter, The Park, is up! You can find it on my blog or on

BORN AGAIN: first chapter up

Born Again is my first english fanfic. Angst (of course, what else would I write…) some romance (although I plan to bring it up later on) and most of all what I like… Continue reading

My name is Eleanor Rambaldi

My name is Eleanor Rambaldi. I was born in 1812. I wrote fanfiction before the word fanfiction was created. Once I dreamt of Joss Whedon but I didn’t get what he was saying to… Continue reading