Rightful revenge

gleeksandvampires: Caption: Dianna Agron taking her revenge for Quinn being knocked up/turned-into-a-spycho-punk/crippled. Advertisements

Love at first sight

oooowwwww, I think I kind of fell in love with that look… no, strike that, I fell in love. Period.

Game of thrones optimism


Orphan Black’s clones

Orphan Black – Tatiana Maslany » Roles in episodes 1-6

Pizza… *drooling*

So soft I’m thinking about using you as a pillow…. XD

Mexican food!


Raised news update (sort of…)

And another 4500 chapter is done! I might have skipped a few chapter to write this down so you’re not gonna read this for a while, at least until I have fixed all… Continue reading

Vincent Bourilhon Art

Vincent Bourilhon

Warehouse 13: fantascienza 101 da bollino verde, per tutti

Warehouse 13 è una serie tv che va in onda ormai da 4 stagioni sul canale syfi (e sulle sue versioni precedenti prima che cambiasse nome). Non fatevi ingannare però dalle generiche descrizioni… Continue reading