Fanfic rec

My fanfic recomandation. I’m always open to new suggestions. If you have written/read a nice fanfiction (in english, italian or spanish, just let me know! Any pairing, any fandom. I don’t discriminate: a beautiful story is still a beautiful story… 😉

The calling (see the REVIEW)
An AU quinntana fanfic. The world has been taken over, but there’s still a fight left to be had. Santana and Quinn are leading the movement, but will it work? Can they come out alive? Who from their glee days will help? Quinntana/Faberry friendship.

The young idealist (see the REVIEW)
An AU faberry fanfic. Over ten years after finishing high school, Quinn returns to New York, haunted by a past that she can’t quite escape. As her life tangles once more with those of Santana, Brittany and Rachel, they are each faced with the question: how far will you go to protect your family? Eventual Faberry with some darker themes in later chapters